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Hello everyone,

My name is Eric Rissler and here is a little about myself.

I am a creative professional with experience as a 3D Technical Artist and Animator, in the Entertainment industry. I am known for strong conceptual thinking, my expertise in problem identification, and an ability to persevere and develop application-ready solutions. I am a willing administrator in the background, so those in the foreground can excel; believing that team collaboration trumps personal recognition any day. I’ve also managed and produced a number of projects either professionally or as a collaborator.

I’m also very passionate about painting when I have free time. I am an avid volunteer for many local non profits- especially working with kids and the handicapped to help them develop their potential and experience art.


Joth Studio

3D Modeler and animator
– Present
Portland, Oregon Area

3D modeler, character modeler and animator. The programs I work mainly in are Maya and Cinema 4D.

Marketing and Graphic Design


– May 2016 

Portland, Oregon Area

General office administration, customer service and data entry. Provide direct support on outreach programs and marketing strategies. Design brochures, website, advertising and event materials.

Independent Contractor – Graphic Designer

The Rogue Creamery

– Present

Medford, Oregon Area

Designed product labels for the Creamery’s dairy, Palace Dairy Farms, and advertising for the retail store. Worked directly with the owner on design and with other employees for the look and feel of the labels and advertising. Created unique designs using colors and original artwork to make the products stand out and catch the attention of the customer. Also performed a variety of other design, marketing and brand development tasks, and trade show work.

Independent Contractor – Software QA

Various Companies

– 2016

Portland, OR and San Francisco, CA

Exercised video games in multi-player environments as a Quality Assurance Technician for several video game companies. Identified issues and recommended improvements during Pre-Alpha to Beta product development phases.

Independent Contractor – 3D Modeler & Artist

Fourpoint Media, LLC

– 2016

Portland, Oregon Area

Lead 3D artist and facilitator of a team of artists during the development of commercials and promotional videos. Key projects included a company commercial for MergerTeach, and an educational video for UbiVac, a biotech company developing cancer-fighting drugs. The UbiVac video animates the drug’s journey through the body.

1 recommendation
  • Jotham Porzio
    Jotham Porzio
    Partner at Fourpoint Media

    I worked with Eric on a major 3D health video requiring intensive detail and complex designs. He was able to manage his 3D team very well and deliver assets quickly. I highly recommend Eric for any 3D design work you need!View

Independent Contractor – Art Catalogue Project

Robert LaVigne “Beat Art Movement” Estate

Greater Seattle Area

Worked with the executors of this estate to preserve and catalog over 800 pieces of art, including signed original books for universities and museums. Assisted with documenting, photographing, cataloging and carefully packaging the art pieces. Created a database for recording each piece. Helped evaluate signed copies of books, art and sketches to determine if signatures were authentic. Helped number and file journals and notes over the course of the artist’s life (1928-2014).

Independent Consultant – Designer

Recording Artist JD Rogers

Jacksonville, Oregon

Worked with the musician on the look and feel of the album cover and back to match his vision for the project. Submitted a variety of art ideas so he had multiple design choices.

Independent Contractor – UI/UX Artist

ngmoco, Inc.

San Francisco Bay Area

UX and UI Artist reporting to Director of Design for Transformers™ Legends project during pre-Alpha to Beta launch.

Re-scaled, re-sized, and touched up over 100 cards in the Transformers™ collection, developed UI / UX layouts and created user interface buttons, icons, and other elements.

Tracked and reported quality assurance code defects and assisted in problem resolution.

Programmed ten unique game interfaces for mobile devices using Xcode, iOS SDK, Mobage, and NgCore.

College Work Experience

Time Stop Productions

San Francisco Bay Area

Assistant Modeler, Texture Artist and Project Lead reporting to the Director of Production of a multimedia services company, in concert with Academy of Art university program. Created, produced and launched a six minute promotional animation sponsored by the San Francisco Giants for young people to promote confidence, integrity, leadership and teamwork. The video was distributed to 80,000 elementary and middle school students. Used Maya, Photoshop, After Effects and Nuke.

College Work Experience

TrueKat Digital

San Francisco Bay Area

Performed quality assurance testing for in-home photo display software as part of a summer internship. Recommended layout design and visual effects improvements.

College Work Experience

Southern Oregon University


Led team of five senior students virtually to develop an interactive video game, H2Joe, from concept through launch; three different versions, 20 levels, and challenging scaling.

Created project plan, defined student assignments, conducted reviews to meet deadlines and led two face-to-face boot camps to build the team and accelerate effective product development, including an in-game tutorial.

Received the University’s 2012 Top Computer Science SOAR Award for Innovation, as well as Best in Show at Academy of Art’s Spring Show 2012 for Video Game Development.

(Open)1 project

College Work Experience

Press Start Studios

San Francisco, CA

Designer and Project Lead reporting to company owner for several projects, including Puzzle Pix, a Facebook-based video game with over 12,000 monthly users.

Led a cross functional team of four artists and programmers to move from game design to prototype in four months, launching on time, on budget.

Facilitated weekly creative meetings, managed task assignments and follow-up.

Hosted trade show booth at Indie Developer Conference, and participated in quarterly Game-Mixer Symposiums.